Bristol Drones captures beautiful 20MP or 4K footage that are ideal for any project.

Aerial footage will give your project that ‘WOW’ effect.

Estate agency sales, advertisement, music videos, feature films, weddings, architecture & landscape planning, construction sites, etc. are ideal project candidates for aerial photography & filming.


Capturing construction sites as they progress is an ideal way to impress investors and give site managers an overview what is currently happening on their site.

New builds, renovations and demolition projects are ideal for aerial footage. They capture unique points of view that was simply not possible by other means.


Scaffolding is expensive to rent, time consuming to put up, and not all roof areas can be accessed when conducting a preliminary investigation.

Using a drone to survey a roof is economical, can be done in a matter of minutes, and hard to reach areas can be captured in 4K video or 20MP photos. The footage can be immediately supplied to your professional of choice to make an assessment.

Leaks, roof tiles falling off, insurance and surveyor requirements of old or new buildings are all projects Bristol Drones has successfully assisted with in the past. We are looking forward to assisting you in the future.


Surveying a site can take days and still lack a visual overview of the whole site. Using drones to capture an aerial view of a site can be done quickly and results, such as a 2D maps view, can be delivered digitally in less than 24hrs. This can be repeated to show continuous improvement to the site.

Past projects include developer companies who wanted a complete site overview, elevation mapping and footage of the boundary before any development took place. This was then revisited by Bristol Drones once development was underway and when completed, showcasing what their teams had achieved.

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